12 Simple Steps To Generate Passive Income With Cryptocurrencies

Before we tell you the steps you need to take to generate passive income with cryptocurrencies, it is imperative to understand the basic concept of cryptocurrencies.

So, What Is Cryptocurrency?


In the simplest of terms, cryptocurrency is basically an asset that has been created digitally to serve as a medium of exchange. Cryptography is used in order to ensure that the transactions that take place are secure; cryptography also helps to serve as a controlling force in the additional creation of the currency. One of the most famous examples of decentralized cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and it was originally introduced to the world back in 2009. Since then, there has been a major influx of cryptocurrencies. Relatively newer versions of the bitcoins often referred to as altcoins have also been developed; these altcoins have been developed to strike a fine balance between bitcoin and alternative.

Although it may seem that it is technically challenging to generate passive income with cryptocurrencies initially, through a little effort, you will be able to set up your revenue stream in no time. Let us present you with a guide to help you test the waters. Of course, this guide doesn´t involve us flexing our technical prowess at all.

Have a look at the steps;

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