Best Products to Avoid Back Pain

We have been blessed by the emergence and innovation of modern technology. However, it does have its pitfalls as well. We have become accustomed to working on our computers, behind our desks around the clock. While doing so, we have developed a bad habit of slouching, which is, detrimental to our health.

The celebrated doctor Mehmet Oz, has stated that slouching can add around 100 pounds of stress on the lower back. Therefore, you are basically adding around 10 pounds of stress on the spine for every inch your head drops forward. In order to avoid putting stress on the spine, it is necessary for you to correct your posture. Incorrect posture can also result in aches such as shoulder and neck pain, weakness in the arms and legs, digestion problems, and back pain!

The head trainer of the Marlow Club, Olly Jones, best describes the major representative of back pain, ¨ The major issue with those suffering from back pain is lifestyle, whether you are spending lots of time in a car, sat on the sofa or working behind a desk all day.¨

¨The body is not designed for activities such as this, which lead to muscles becoming tight and inactive. If people then attempt to embark on an exercise regime without a protocol in place to release, stretch and engage these muscles, problems will arise.¨

There are numerous ways to correct one´s posture and prevent back pain. Some of them are;

  • Focusing on a training regimen that exercises one´s back including walking, swimming, and cycling.
  • Stretching to prevent stiffness and avoiding a lengthy period of bed rest.
  • Carrying heavy objects close to the body by bending one´s knees and hips. Don’t rely on your back to carry heavy objects. It is recommended to never twist and bend simultaneously.
  • Avoid smoking as it substantially increases one´s chances of developing back pain.
  • Try to maintain a good posture at all times at any costs. It is advisable for one to never slump in one´s chair or hunch over one´s desk.

However, as we stated earlier, we live in a world of modern technology. Therefore, there has been a major influx of devices and products to aid one in his/her quest of curing back pain. We have compiled a list of 15 products that are proving to be game-changers in the world of health and well-being. If you have this issue or you want to avoid it in the future just click on the next button and enjoy the selection.

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