30 Science-Fiction Things That Actually Exist in 2017

Less than a century ago, people were terrified by the appearance of the small TV set in stores. Many couldn’t understand what was happening on the screen, while others even believed that there were little people living in those strange, new boxes.

In the past decades, Hollywood movie producers and Sci-fi writers let their imagination loose, coming up with bizarre concepts and ideas. Some of these science-fiction things actually exist in 2017, and to some, they might seem scary as the TV set was a long time ago.

1. Flying cars

Your imagination already has some sort of representation of how a flying car would look like. Even if you haven’t watched classics like Back to The Future, you have an idea of how it would look like, why would you need one, and what could you do with one.

The flying car isn’t on sale right now, unfortunately, but the concept is there and designers and engineers are working hard to see it happen. The Terrafugia Transition and AeroMobil 3.0 have been under development for a couple of years. We might have the chance to see one of them in action this year.


Terrafugia Flying Car

Terrafugia Flying Car


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