Lumo Lift

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Lumo Lift


HereĀ“s a detailed description of the specifications of the product;

The makers of the product have given a lot of effort to strike a balance between design, utility, and technology. Hence, the product is small enough to be worn discreetly and also effective enough to track posture from one location on the upper body. Basically, it can be worn like a magnetic pin.

Material: Metal and Plastic

Dimensions (mm): 25 x 45 x 9

Product weight (gr): 11

Packaging: Giftbox

Packaging weight: 35 x 210 x 61

Packaging weight: 93

Total weight (gr): 104

Manual languages: EN

Included in packaging: Lift sensor- Silver magnetic clasp- Black magnetic clasp- USB charger- Magnetic bra clasp

Battery: 80 mAh

Charging (hours): 4

Playing time (hours): 14

Output power: 3.7 V

MOQ / MOQ Customized: 1 / 1000


Lumo Lift


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