Smart Lock: Noke Padlock

Advantages of owning the product


  • The product works with your smartphone, therefore, eliminating your need to keep track of your keys and remember combinations.
  • You can easily share access with your friends even if you aren´t physically present. Therefore, you don´t need to reach to your friend to give your keys away. It allows instant and secure sharing and tracking technology.
  • Let´s be honest here; it is simply futuristic!
  • Owning the product will mean that you will no longer have to deal with the frustrations of losing your keys.
  • It is compatible with any iOS, Android and Windows smartphones that feature Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Since the product is constructed of boron-hardened shackle, you can bet your bottom dollar that it fares well in the durability department! The product is also water-resistant; it features four silicone gaskets to keep the water out!

Disadvantages of owning the product


    • The product works with a replaceable CR2032 battery that has a lifespan of a year with regular use. Therefore, you will be required to change batteries annually.
    • One of the product´s biggest drawbacks is definitely it is steep pricing.


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