Heart Rate Band: Bluetooth Watch Heart Rate Monitor Wristband

Advantages of owning the product


  • The product can help track your heart rate, which can be used for future references when you make a visit to the health clinic.
  • Besides tracking your heart rate, it can also monitor your workouts, distance covered, calorie burned, active minutes and steps taken.
  • The product alerts you by sounding an alarm when in the presence of high UV.
  • While performing similar tasks, the heart rate band is far cheaper than a smart watch.
  • You need not require an internet connection to use this product.
  • You can also easily receive notifications of your texts, tweets, emails, calls, and voicemails. Therefore, it keeps you updated.
  • This product can help locate your misplaced smartphone.

Disadvantages of owning the product


  • The product needs to be recharged. It has a charging time of a minimum 2 hours.
  • The product can also be quite annoying with its extra notifications. However, at this point, we are only nitpicking over tiny flaws.

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